So Long!!!

So sorry....I've been a bad blogger again!! The internet here has been terrible these last few weeks...It cuts out every 5 minutes or so and is sometimes out for several hours!! It has been very frustrating and difficult to work with!

Big News!!! My girls are officially Canadian citizens...On Oct 17th Sidney flew to South Africa to hand in their applications and to hopefully find out how long it would take to process...The day that he handed in the applications everybody was busy and couldn't tell him how long... same thing with the next day and the next....So on the third day he asked them if he really needed to stay in the country or if he could go home....so they said come back tomorrow and you can speak to someone about it....so he went back the next day and they were closed!!! so he asked the guard at the gate, saying that they had told him to come back today!! he phoned and they said to send him in...their was still no one for him to talk to they said, but then they handed him our applications back saying that they were all APPROVED!!! It was finished..our girls were citizens!!! The one glitch though was that we had to apply for our girls passports in Lusaka, as apparently I needed to sign the application as well as they needed to see both mine and Sidney's birth certificates as the girls were too young to sign for themselves! So about later the next week we traveled the 4 hours to Lusaka to apply for the passports....of course we needed to get a few more papers and new pics for the girls (thankfully we had all decided to go in case this happened)...but we were able to get everything and hand in the application all in the same day!! They said that everything looks find and they will call us when our passports are ready...which should be 5 business days...which would make it this Friday!!! Lord willing all will be well and we will get them on time as planned!!!

The sad news is that the little girl (Prudence) with cancer passed away on Saturday night! We had taken her to the hospital that morning as she was having a very difficult time breathing and our oxygen tanks for some reason weren't working properly...but she was a very sick little girl and the Lord decided it was time to end her suffering! Please pray for her family, her mother has been by her side the whole time since she was first admitted to hospital about 4-5 months ago...Prudence had several younger brothers and sisters...the youngest being only 2 and this will be very hard (of course) on their family...Please also pray for our nurse her at Grace as she had spent a lot of time with Prudence and will be missing her the days and weeks to come!!

In just 2 weeks we will be starting our journey homeward...I can't believe it is that time already...sometimes it seemed it would never come...but now that it is here...I'm realizing how much I am going to miss the kids here!! Our leaving will be a little bittersweet!! but I'm am very ready to be home!!!

The girls are doing very well...both are walking now..Eden for the last 3 weeks...and Cassidy for the last couple of days!! They are so proud of their new accomplishment, as well as being able to climb onto and off of the couch!!! Lately Eden seems to think that any frustration in life...no matter how small warrants a very gigantic, at the top of her lungs scream!!! Especially things like her sister taking something from her or pushing her...and not being able to get on the couch first try!!!...lol...Cassidy finds it far more effective to whine about said frustrations for a good few minutes (instead of screaming) both can be frustrating...especially when they both do them at the same time!!! but sometimes they are just so stinking cute...I can't help but laugh cause even when they are causing me frustration, they are so adorable I haven't always the heart to scold them!!!

Well...I'll try to post again soon...to make up for my long absence!!!

2 WEEKS!!!!

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